TNW Spaces

Tech hub for start ups

Amsterdam | NL

A lively community of first-class start-ups have found a new home in this former bank. Completely stripped and remodelled, the building’s interior design is now focused on transparency. The consistent use of glass panes offers views right through the wings of the building.

Spread across three floors, the private and shared offices are flooded with light and organised around collective spaces that are designed to stimulate inspiring encounters. Hidden resting spots, lounge areas and coffee retreats afford entrepreneurs an impromptu space to  recharge. Located on the fourth floor is a members’ club that functions as lunchroom, café and event space. To allow members to focus on what matters most, a unique installation of 600 smart sensors, designed by The Grid, take care of the building’s lights, heating and cleanliness.

Studio Appelo was responsible for the transformation of the monumental building and continues to be involved in all design decisions. This integrated approach has resulted in a productive and truly social working environment that meets all the needs of a growing community with global ambitions.

Established by The Next Web, the TNW spaces its network extends well beyond the building’s walls and includes founding partners ABN Amro, Booking.com, KPMG and Google for Entrepeneurs. Committed to the community,  these partners continue to be involved in the buildings evolution and some, like Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet, have seen fit to visit the TNW spaces to give a lecture. In addition, event partners like Facebook, Amazon, Stripe and Atlassian have also recognised the potential of the tech-hub.


Renée Appelo
Maurice van der Steen
Inès van Sandick
Studio Acht Amsterdam


Mathieu van Ek