Art of Necessity

Studio Appelo is an Amsterdam-based studio for architecture, landscape and interior. We design with the art of necessity. Seeking the poetic from the prosaic. Responding to practical issues relating to the needs of both society and the planet, it is on different scale-levels that we strive to answer to this complexity with an apparent simplicity.  It is here that we believe that the art of using the necessary will create a clear, sustainable and beautiful result. Searching for the best way to serve and celebrate its use, both in function, and in its form for everyday live.

The Art of Necessity relies on:

- An ode to the ordinary:
We are fascinated by the humble, everyday rituals that people undertake. Our aim is to incorporate the essence and personality of the buildings users in to the core of the design. Create space for the little things in life, such as creating a shaded environment to read or the positioning of a window in relationship to the sunlight.

- The beauty of materiality:
In order to make a building not only beautiful, but sustainable, material choice is key. Through collaboration with craftsmen/experts we aim to use materials in a poetic manner, opting for low-tech and honest materials that provide durability and flexibility where needed.

- Long term solutions: 
Reflection ensures a long term economy. Throughout the design process we work with consideration for the entire life-span of the project. Whether it is designing for durability or re-use, we aim to ensure our materials do not go to waste and we imagine the journey they will undergo for the years to come.

- Engaging:
Deep understanding is key. It is through collaboration and discourse that we find the optimal solution. By abandoning ego and using the strength of the community, user and specialists we come to a deep and detailed understanding of a project. In this way we can create a result which is inclusive for a wide variety of voices.

- Creating space:
We value the context we are working in and create spaciousness, rather than constraining it. Generating relationships with its environment by opening up or shielding from it. Light and shadow, its function and spatial quality, are at the core of any design.

We believe that the art of necessity creates possibilities and that its future lies in its constrains.

Make less, not more.