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Downtown Apartment

A play of light and shadow

Downtown Apartment

A play of light and shadow

Before the reorganisation of this apartment, a busy floor plan had been blocking out light. Storage space was limited and an unnecessary amount of small rooms made the hallway feel crowded. The 28-meter span of the apartment demanded an integrated approach and a tailor-made solution.

To let in light, a more generous floor plan was developed. Now a separate office space is located in the back while the living room and open kitchen are at the front. Both sides of the apartment are tied together by a custom-made closet that provides storage and an extra desk. The master bedroom and bathroom are connected to create an intimate space away from the hallway.

Throughout the day, changes in light can be felt in every space. Fluted glass doors catch rays of light. Shadows play on the structure of polished alabastrino. Natural colours and a harmonic set of design elements allow for different moods. A custom table and mirror put on the finishing touch.

Client Private
Location Amsterdam
Square meters 140 m²
Year 2018
Status In Use
Photography Mathieu van Ek
Team Renée Appelo
Inès van Sandick
Kevin Goh
About the Studio

Studio Appelo is an Amsterdam-based studio for architecture, landscape and interior. Our designs gently guide users through all kinds of environments. We value the given context and create space, rather than delineating it. Working closely with our clients, manufacturers and suppliers, we design for innovation, intimacy and interaction.

Our team’s experience extends beyond the sphere of architecture. Studio Appelo is an associate partner of QuA and a creative advisor and honorary member of TQ. Renee Appelo is also affiliated with the Architecture and Heritage department of the Technical University Delft


Studio Appelo

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