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Tivoli Vredenburg

a foyer for the city

Tivoli Vredenburg

a foyer for the city

Research project for urban activation of Tivoli Vredenburg and its surroundings.
We created an urban foyer for the city which smoothly flows into the 3d Music hall of Tivoli Vredenburg.
By the use of light elements we embrace the location, adding lighted arches to create a simple yet cleare entrance at all sites of the building.
The grid is connected with pocket parks to not only soften the city landscape but also creating user space where people can connect, and relax.

Client Tivoli Vredenburg
Location Utrecht
Square meters 5000 m²
Year 2018
Status Competition
Team Renée Appelo
Inès van Sandick
Lars Goossens
About the Studio

Studio Appelo is an Amsterdam-based studio for architecture, landscape and interior. Our designs gently guide users through all kinds of environments. We value the given context and create space, rather than delineating it. Working closely with our clients, manufacturers and suppliers, we design for innovation, intimacy and interaction.

Our team’s experience extends beyond the sphere of architecture. Studio Appelo is an associate partner of QuA and a creative advisor and honorary member of TQ. Renee Appelo is also affiliated with the Architecture and Heritage department of the Technical University Delft


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