The Unbound estate

Hotel concept for city boundaries

Amsterdam | Tuinen van West
2017 - 2021

We started with a question, what do we really want today from a hotel. What makes for the perfect city getaway? Is it a getaway to a city, or is it to get away from the city? And why not both at once? The Unbound comes from the belief that you can have both. Faced with an unassuming plot of land on the outskirts of Amsterdam we saw the potential for an enchanting garden, just a bike ride away from the canals.

We developed a philosophy that ran right through the project and informed every creative decision - from the landscaping of the estate to the interiors of the rooms and the graphic identity. Central to everything was trusting the intelligence of the visitors. Rather than prevent, we facilitate the unexpected. Just outside of rigid city bounds, we rely on the guests to meet, play, explore and get lost in. 


Renée Appelo
Inès van Sandick
Camilla Ceccacci
Kevin Goh


Peter Mann