The Unbound interior design

A drop of colour on a natural surface

Amsterdam | NL

From the hotel suites and common spaces, to the cabins and lodges, the overall interior design ensures that all elements feel a part of a unified whole. As a guiding principle, little touches serve as a reminder of nature’s splendour right at your doorstep: a vase of wild flowers freshly plucked from the garden, seasonal vegetables grown and served straight off the land right behind the restaurant. 

The design of the cabin interiors serves as a backdrop for natural spectacles of light and shade, working in subdued tones and natural textures. The sturdy materials are meant to be lived in, and can take a little scratch. To emphasise this, we combined custom-built furniture with thrifted furniture, so that wear and tear only enhances the patina. Little playful details can be found in the lighting and subtly accented cabinet door grips.

Throughout the restaurant interior — as in The Unbound’s visual identity!— geometric shapes, squares, circles, rectangles, serve as building blocks. Booths out of wood curve around rounded tables and are accompanied by stacked cubed blocks that are decorative as well as functional, offering a space to set down a purse or a bottle of wine.

The floor design with bright accented coloured tiles against am aubergine background grows more intricate in spots where there’s more human activity. It pulls together and  structures an otherwise loose space, and has become somewhat of an instagram celebrity itself: many influencer has sprawled across it to take a selfie with the funky design.


Renée Appelo


Peter Mann