a Kitchen

Arabescato, Oak and a Fireplace

Bussum | NL

This warm and inviting kitchen was designed for a family that loves to entertain. Because the lay out of the existing annex made the original kitchen feel separate from the rest of the house, our design focused on bringing unity and connecting the old with the new. Aligning the kitchen island with the hallway creates a continuous axis between the front and the back door, and a variety of materials that support and recall each other give a sense of harmony. The kitchen island is made from arabescato marble, and its rich flames in grey, beige, and even blue hues set the tone for all other materials used in the design.

Traditionally a fire has always been the heart of a kitchen, and here, a modern fireplace becomes a focal point that anchors the lay out of the space and aligns the bar table with the dining table. Heat resistant blue steel surrounds the fireplace, integrating it safely into the composite countertop. The steel levels off perfectly with the deep blue countertop and the induction range. The result is a seemingly solid, single material kitchen counter.

Floor and dining table are both created from fishbone oak boards and mirror each other beautifully. The same wood grain is also tangible and visible in the stained oak cabinets whose deep blue, in turn, refers to both the blue steel around the fireplace and the shades of blue in the arabescato marble. All materials in the space connect, and they all serve to make the arabescato shine.

Once the pots are simmering, aperitifs are served, and the fire has been lit, home is where the hearth is.


Renée Appelo
Paul van Ginkel


Peter Mann