Amsterdam | NL

Located in the eastern quays of Amsterdam, the striking 19th century warehouse of the Geschutswerf sets the scene for this transformation. The apartment has been re-designed to meticulously embed within the renovated structure, embracing the robust, industrial nature of the state monument.

Over the past 30 years the apartment has been modified and interior layers have been added by different users, leading to a fragmented floorplan. The approach for this project was to strip the space back to its bare bones to holistically form a coherent living space both spatial and technically. Utilising new sustainable heating and energy systems whilst liberating the historic fabric to create spaciousness and allowing natural light to bathe the spaces.

This leads to a layout that is organised around a single intervention that underlines the quality of the monumental load bearing structure, providing an open floorplan. By introducing one bespoke custom-made element a division is created that provides both cabinets and forms the demarcation of the secondary functions of the house, consisting of a guest room, storage and sanitary spaces.

Soft curves and a calming palette of earthy greens guide you through the space, creating a fluid and extrovert set of rooms that facilitate the daily habits and wishes of the client. A cathedral-like space to drink a coffee whilst overlooking the canal and zoo, a natural stone kitchen island as a centrepiece for entertaining and a master bedroom with a bathtub viewing the internal courtyard.

By simultaneously considering the pragmatics of the plan as a whole and the beauty of even the smallest details of everyday life, we believe you can achieve a lean building that through carefully detailing and craftsmanship brings out  the art of the ordinary.


Renée Appelo
Matthew Riches


Peter Mann