Uit Je Eigen Stad CS

Shop and Café at Rotterdam Centraal

Rotterdam | NL

In this former supermarket, travellers now find a quiet moment while residents of the nearby Provenierswijk meet on the adjacent terrace. Locally-produced flowers and food are on offer in the shop and the café provides a friendly space to work or relax. Tucked away from the bustle of the nearby chain stores, groups of friends gather as they wait to catch the train.

Uit Je Eigen Stad (From Your Own City) is an urban farm that connects urban consumers with urban producers, showing how food can be produced locally by employing a range of techniques and products, including mushroom cultivation, poultry production, aquaculture and horticulture. Their shop at Rotterdam Centraal is an open invitation to visit the farm and offers convenient access to sustainable products.

Uit Je Eigen Stad’s philosophy was fully integrated into the design of the space. Repurposed materials were sourced from around Rotterdam, resulting in a unique, sustainable, cost-efficient interior. Old crates function as lamps while the benches have been covered in a recycled tarpaulin. The inviting terrace has also breathed new life into the once deserted rear side of the station. The city and its residents now live closer to the station, travellers and a wealth of local products.


Renée Appelo
Maurice van der Steen
Jorik Bais
Lisanne Rissik


Mathieu van Ek